June 3 Edit

Four leaves an unfinished newsletter announcing her resignation and introducing Gatekeeper III at Griffith Park.

Four's resignation page 1
Four resignation letter page 2
Four resignation letter page 3

June 11 Edit

Gatekeeper III leaves a drop for Megan at Echo Park. It contains a page from the Book of Anoch, a hierarchical chart, and a page from a scientific journal describing the history of the OOA.

Abewell's journal of psychology

Abewell's Journal of Psychology


OOA hierarchy

Book of Anoch

Book of Anoch

June 19 Edit

Four and Addison leave a letter for III at the Design Center.

From Four To Three

June 27 Edit

An email is leaked for Mumumusings in Kansas City.

Oracles Security and Data Management

June 30 Edit

Four and Addison leave four yellow roses and a USB drive for Morgan in Sacramento. The drive contains a photo of Addison and Four, and an audio file with the encoded message "4-3=2".
Addison and Four
I am still in fucking control

July 10 Edit

Addison makes a surprise visit to a gathering of Tension participants, and gives Lauren a package and a letter from Four.

This is your path

August 9 Edit

Regent 7 gives Addison's old journal to Max.

August 29 Edit

Some emails between clockmakers are hidden in Culver City for participants to show Addison.

To Addison
Clockmaker emails page 1
Clockmaker emails page 2

September 8 Edit

An envelope is left on a North Hollywood bridge, containing a picture of Addison in the hands of OSDM.

Addison in OOA compound
Tim - OSDM

November 10 Edit

Michelle leaks emails between her, Samson, and Horace.

Michelle emails