Before April 2016 Edit

April 2016 Edit

April 1 Enrollment begins.
April 7 @dsapir receives a phone call.
April 8 Emails are sent out to several users asking them to clarify answers from the questionnaire.
April 10 @electrichippo receives a phone call with a mysterious task.
April 16 Sentinel hack - the Tension website is hacked and is temporarily replaced with a large red screen and the words "
April 18 Invitations start going out to the live event on April 30. @mkarrett receives a gift mp3 for her work promoting the OOA. Gatekeeper 5 tells @nking to "come clean" on the forums. @thegilded gets a phone call telling him that a "war is coming." @dsapir receives a phone call warning him that a family member is not what they seem.
April 19 Several participants are called out as detractors on the forums; they reveal that they've been instructed to do so privately. @dsapir receives a phone call about Sentinel.
April 20 Gatekeeper 5 steps down, noting how easy it was to pit the participants against one another. @electrichippo makes contact with Sentinel.
April 21 @mike is annointed.
April 25 New Facebook video posted.
April 27 @coryphella receives an email asking if she is in LA. @nosnevets receives a phone call; @electrichippo receives a call in which she is told "we are not robots."
April 30 LIVE EVENT - Attendees: @amieexists, @daela, @electrichippo, @kingkill33, @maryellison911, @mike, @mkarrett, @puppetgirl, @rizzzoooooo, @thegilded, @debzkim, @endlesspictures, @halfgreekgoddess, @kasch, @monkeymuffin333, @nking, @reaton.

Participants meet attendant Talia one at a time at a given street corner. They are hooded and then taken to an unspecified location, where the hoods are removed, they stand in front of mirrors, and are asked extremely personal questions for a length of time. @mike receives a gift of a (blank) journal.

Later, everyone gathers at a bar to talk, when @the gilded receives a phone call at the bar - it's the OOA, reminding him that no one can speak of the day's events until 9:30pm that evening, as agreed.

@addisonborn also received a phone call explaining that not all participants were invited to the event.

May 2016 Edit

May 1 Gatekeeper 4 ("four") arrives. @nking receives a phone call with a string of numbers.
May 2 @puppetgirl receives a phone call commending her "good work" regarding her recent blogging of the live event.
May 3 @erin receives a phone call.
May 4 @mike is made 1st Scribe of the OOA
May 6 New Facebook video is posted. @coryphella receives an email telling her not to give up. Tension tweets at @thebuz, telling him to sign up, then calls him.
May 8 @atticus360 gets a phone call. @mrohio receives a phone call. @rizzzoooooo gets a phone call in which he is told he has a "big decision coming."
May 9 @electrichippo denounces the OOA on the forums. @ephorrorsociety receives a phone call.
May 10 May newsletter is posted. @coryphella receives a phone call. @marshmellowhorror receives a call from Addison.
May 13 New Facebook video is posted. @electrichippo is banned for her recent actions. @thegilded's loyalty is questioned.
May 14 Five more are banned, including @rizzzoooooo and @sdeckerjerryleigh-com, who defects to Sentinel along with @electrichippo. Sentinel rejects @rizzzoooooo. The other three are unknown.
May 15 @bobglouberman receives a phone call telling him to deliver a cryptic message.
May 16 Light2Dark posts an image of a periscope. four posts; OOA GUIDE shows up and posts the "BEFORE WE BEGIN" post. @sovereignskies receives two phone calls from Atticus, saying his posts are a "revelation."
May 17 @endlesspictures finds that a very old photo of himself has been found and posted on Instagram by the OOA.
May 20 @vincentvega receives a phone call.
May 24 @ephorrorsociety receives a phone call.
May 27 @thegilded and @mkarrett are made Sentries of the forums.
May 28 LIVE EVENT - Attendees: @electrichippo, @sdeckerjerryleigh-com, @reaton, @medeall

@electrichippo and @sdeckerjerryleigh-com meet with a private detective arranged by Sentinel in a hotel room. In the room they discover photographs of a girl with her family. The detective introduces a man and a woman, Mr. and Mrs. Barrow, whose daughter Addison has been taken by the OOA. They believe she was lured away by a dangerous cult and only want their daughter back.

Later, @reaton and @medeall are on their way to an OOA event when their van is hijacked by Sentinel and they are taken to meet the same couple. At the end of this meeting, Tom Barrow (Addison's father) gives @reaton a stuffed pink cat which used to belong to Addison. He hopes that @reaton can get it to Addison and that maybe it will bring her home.

May 29 LIVE EVENT - OOA MIXER - Attendees: @111error, @addisonborn, @daela, @kingkill33, @maryellison911, @mike, @mkarrett, @thegilded, @atticus360, @bobglouberman, @debzkim, @endlesspictures, @halfgreekgoddess, @kasch, @monkeymuffin333, @nking, @hooowlingwolf, @jkonigsberg, @vincentvega

Attendees meet and mingle over coffee and donuts. Several are taken for separate questioning or discussion with individual OOA members; some are asked to wear a strange helmet for a short period of time. @mike gives a speech. @rizzzoooooo is brought before everyone and they vote to welcome him back into the OOA. Addison is brought forward, ostensibly to atone for something, but at that moment her father, Tom Barrow, bursts in. The event is cut short, she is pulled out, and he is wrestled out of the room. Attendees are left to wander and look at left behind artifacts (various books, posters) until one of them receives a phone call instructing them to leave.

May 31 @thebuz receives a phone call, telling him not to share personal information, that there has been a leak on Slack. In the wake of the mixer, @111error has several Skype calls with Addison (dates and content unknown).

June 2016 Edit

June 1 First Periscope broadcast - only a voice, whispering "it's 8:00." Addison tweets to @reaton.
June 2 Periscopes - "Rebirth," Addison crossing out faces on photos; "Continues," a man returns with a bloody knife, and draws the OOA symbol on the envelope of photos; "The Affirmation," Addison burns the letters, tells @111error and @reaton that she is ok, and then says "four, I am ready."
June 3 Periscope - Griffith Park dead drop; four steps down, Gatekeeper 3 ("III") arrives. @kasch and @thebuz are the first to arrive at the park and retrieve the letter left by four.
June 4 III kills the Overseer. @coryphella and @daela receive phone calls indicating that Sentinel has infiltrated the OOA. @kasch receives a phone call telling him that he is being watched.
June 5 Periscope - the first real view of III, he is seen typing. @electrichippo is invited back to the forums by Aleister Gordon, who only communicates with participants on Facebook. @thebuz gets a call from Addison about a hidden object.
June 7 The apostles (participants) are given the opportunity to ask III three questions - he will answer two of them.
June 10 New Facebook video posted - this one shows a lot of apostles with their faces crossed out. A quick photo of a man identified as filmmaker Darren Lynn Bouseman is included.
June 11 Periscope - "For Megan From III" - Echo Park dead drop; @coryphella heads to Echo Park and periscopes her search for the two black envelopes hidden there. When found, they include the answers to the questions asked by the community.
June 13 Aleister sets up clandestine meetings for three apostles - @addisonborn, @endlesspictures, and @coryphella. These meetings all take place at Foxfire bar with a former OOA member, Warren, who is afraid he is being watched and doesn't trust who he's meeting with. He reluctantly confides in them, telling them that the OOA is a dangerous cult that preys on naive Hollywood actors and actresses.
June 17 A coded message appears on Facebook asking for four's return. @puppetgirl receives a call ("don't believe the lies, OOA can save you"); @reaton receives a strange call from Addison in which she says she is happy and tries to pass on a message to @mike but fails; @irishalliwell120 gets a call telling her to stay on her path; @111error receives a call telling him that Addison found herself. @daela receives a call telling her it's about to get very, very dark.
June 19 Periscope - "Still Sleeping???? 1,2,III...~four" - Design Center dead drop - @addisonborn and @debzkim arrive first to retrieve the letter from four and Addison.
June 20 LOTS of phone calls go out - @lukasrl, @monkeymuffin333, @alysenn, @kemikalfire, @ephorrorsociety (she is told Addison will be calling on her for help), @thecatnipper189, @irishalliwell120, @halfbloodfangirl ("someone is trying to protect you"), @tashadixon, @kasch (one of his films is playing in the background), @dlimer, @jkonigsberg, @whodat09, @radnuggets, @alexisjoy, @alexvansickle, @timsmyname
June 21 Addison's ex-boyfriend Benny (or Mark) comes on to the forums, emotionally unstable. Later, Tom Barrow contacts @111error and tells him that Benny/Mark suffered what might be a life threatening injury.
June 22 III goes through adolescence (the theory is that he is developing quickly from newborn to adulthood), and develops a crush on @coryphella. III releases a flyer on the OOA.
June 23 III either kills Aleister or chases him away - it's unclear, either way we haven't heard from him since. III also strips @mike of his position as scribe. four returns via an audio file. @thegilded receives a phone call telling him to stay loyal.
June 24 III reawakens and declares that he now "kills for mercy." @reaton receives a phone call that he believes is from @mike; simultaneously, @thebuz receives a call from @kasch. Neither of these calls come from those callers, however, even though both callers' phones identified the callers as such. @reaton and @thebuz are freaked out.
June 27 Periscope - Kansas City dead drop - a letter is left for @mumumusings, who is unable to retrieve it. He and the apostles are given 24 hours to retrieve it. @kingkill33 has the idea to post on reddit that they are looking for an "adventurous type" to go hunting for it in the park that night. He receives a call from someone willing to do it. Reportedly that night the caller goes to the park, finds the drop, but is met there by an old man smoking a cigarette who follows him back to his car, asking him creepy questions along the way. The caller calls @kingkill33 upon returning home, asking "what the f*&k did you get me into?"
June 28 @mumumusings meets up with the caller who retrieved the letter and it's handed off to him - the contents show an email that details corporate fraud, insider trading, discussion of "Aleister assets," III being "off script," and concerns about the California property.
June 29 Ellis Gordon joins the forum. @thegilded accidentally receives a mysterious message on Facebook that indicates III leaked the email.
June 30 Periscope - "It's just simple arithmetic, Morgan" - @111error receives a call from Addison, then later a Periscope shows up showing a drop in a park in Sacramento. She leaves an envelope there with a flash drive in it. @111error retrieves it, the files include a photo of her and four, which is hiding a message "I am still in control" (from four) and a sound file with the hidden message "4-3=2" inside.

July 2016 Edit

July 2 Sam Bickerson appears on the forums and hosts an AMA on "Tension 2.0," which promises safer, fun, scary experiences. Everyone is skeptical.
July 5 III returns, kills Sam, and then invites the apostles to call a phone number and leave him a voice mail message, describing why they are worthy of hearing his truths face to face. He will pick one to meet in person.
July 6 The message "Pay attention. The rest will happen quickly." is posted on social media in several places. @sovereignskies receives a phone call, as does @astro4545 and @thegilded; the calls hint that apostles either knew or had been to III's address, or seen his face.
July 7 Periscope - "Tick Tock ~four Winds the Clock" - Addison and four are shown preparing a package - there is a pill, perhaps being filled with poison, intended for III?
July 9 @electrichippo is chosen by III for the face to face meeting and receives an evite; she responds by sending him a gift, the book "David and Goliath."
July 10 @nosnevets hosts a BBQ and pool party, during which there is a surprise periscope ("A Surprise Appearance"), Addison shows up at his front door. She tells him that they as a group have two minutes to send out one person. The group chooses @daela, and she is shown getting into the car with Addison and a masked man. Later it is learned that she received the package from the previous video and is told NOT to open it, along with a letter that indicates she has to convince @electrichippo to use it on III. Those at the BBQ debate whether or not to open the package that night, but two phone calls to @daela remind her that it is her choice, and ultimately the fate of the package is left up to @daela and @electrichippo.
July 11 Blumhouse article gives a few details of the intended finale of Tension. @aleocotillo and @rizzzoooooo receive a phone call telling them that this is all just smoke and mirrors.
July 12 @daela and @electrichippo meet to discuss the fate of the package. @daela hands it off to @electrichippo and lets the forum know that she feels certain @electrichippo is no longer neutral.
July 13 Periscope - "The Game Changes" - @electrichippo meets with III in a diner; she tries to poison him with the pill but it's a set up, III and Sentinel are entering into an alliance and they have fooled everyone. Immediately afterward participants receive phone calls demanding they choose sides. Regent 7 posts what he thinks is his last post. @daela declares her allegiance to the BoS.
July 14 Tickets for the final event go on sale early the night of July 14.
July 15 A new trailer for the final event is released.
July 16 Photos of the open package from four anonymously are posted to @ephorrorsociety's podcast page. Addison tweets again to @reaton that her path is clear.
July 17 III returns to the forums, others declare their allegiance to both sides. @sovereignskies reaches out to III and asks him to meet with Addison and four to discuss the future. III responds with "I'm listening." Later on vacation in LA, @sovereignskies receives mysterious phone calls coming from @nking's phone number telling him to make the meeting happen. @mkarrett starts a puzzle hunt designed to catch newbies up on the plot.
July 18 @blondiecamps receives a call telling her she will be the only one left to tell everyone's stories; she starts a blog. @medeall is called and told to get active.
July 19 Periscope - "Shall We Dance??" - four is seen accepting III's meeting, and it's set for Friday. @atticus360 receives a call from Regent 7, he has something of III's. @amieexists receives a call telling her that the meeting is a distraction.
July 20 @jbrylah receives a phone call telling her to "walk away."
July 21 The LAist article comes out - Tension posts to FB saying "someone didn't follow instructions, now you pay the consequences" (regarding @jbrylah, who wrote the article). @electrichippo is called into a mysterious meeting. A photo of her shows up on Instagram with the book "David and Goliath" and the caption "Shall we begin?" Later that day, another Periscope ("2") - @sovereignskies persicopes as he is getting out of his car and meeting Addison in a park. She is wiping blood off her face. She asks him if he knows what it's like to really be free. She shows him a video, and the livestream captures only his face while he watches it. Afterward she tells him that it's up to him who he shares it with. That night, @sovereignskies shares the video on the forums. It shows @electrichippo meeting with four, Addison, and ostensibly III, who doesn't show. four sends Addison out to find III, but Addison returns and kills four, declaring herself to be Two.
July 25 @electrichippo returns to the forums.
July 26 @thebuz posts on the forums that a package has been dropped off at his house. He reaches out to III about a meeting, telling him the contents of the package are of the utmost importance to III. @thebuz receives a phone call from Addison as well as from "an ally" of BoS. @mkarrett receives Facebook contact through the previously defunct Aleister Gordon account.
July 27 III agrees to meet with @thebuz.
July 28 Gatekeeper 2 arrives on the forums.
July 29 @electrichippo begins keeping track of allegiances, postings lists of which participants are choosing which side. This begins much discussion and ongoing debate among the participants over the merits of each side.
July 31 Gatekeeper 2 makes @reaton the 2nd Scribe.

August 2016 Edit

August 1 Gatekeeper 2 addresses the forums. Regent 7 appears on the forums and reaches out to @atticus360.
August 2 Periscope - "A History Lesson" - Addison reads from the Book of Anoch. Regent 7 tells @atticus 360 he has a gift for him.
August 3 III asks for the community to nominate one of his supporters to perform a task - everyone nominates @thegilded. Later, a persicope ("Witness") from @thegilded broadcasts a video of a video, showing the meeting between III and @thebuz. @thebuz strangles III to death, looking directly into the camera at the end.
August 4 A photo surfaces on Instagram, showing @thebuz with a hood over his head in the Red Room. Periscope - "Darkest Before Dawn" - shows Addison reading from the Book of Anoch.
August 5 Periscope - "Home" - Addison reading from the Book of Anoch. The beginning of the video is in German.
August 7 ScareLA panel - four participants answer questions (@reaton, @mike, @electrichippo, @kasch); Ellis Gordon and Atticus are introduced and discuss the OOA, and how the "game" called The Tension Experience came to be. Tom Barrow bursts into the meeting shouting, and the video seems to be taken over by Sentinel. Later, @atticus360 receives a phone call telling him instructions will be coming soon.
August 8 Periscope - "The Book of Anoch" - Addison reads from the Book of Anoch.
August 9 Periscope - "For Max aka ReidV" - Max walks through a library, meets Regent 7. Later he returns to the forums to let everyone know he has received Addison's journal from before she became Gatekeeper 2 and intends to give everyone a page to interpret artistically and post.
August 11 Periscope - "The Foreign Woman" - Addison reads from the Book of Anoch, but is interrupted and has to flee.
August 12 Regent 7 posts to the forums that Max has only a few days before he must return the journal. Max posts blurry photographs of most pages in google docs. @kingkill33 receives a mysterious phone call, then an email from an "Emmie White" with a photo of an OSDM email attached, indicating that the OSDM were pursuing Addison and trying to get rid of her. @mcolyard receives a phone call asking if she is home. Later that night a man shows up at her house with a bag of sand and a note hidden inside. The note is in Serbian, and translated says "you are out of time."
August 17 The BoS video from ScareLA is posted online. It contains still shots of several known OOA associates, some of which are identified as Hollywood insiders (including Darren Lynn Bouseman)
August 19 @monkeymuffin333 wins a free preview of Ascension
August 21 Gatekeeper 2 rejects the OOA, calling for a meeting of EVERYONE. @atticus360 gives BOS-aligned @rizzzoooooo the journal, and @rizzzooooooo posts clear, high res scans of every page, revealing previously missing information. He is instructed by Sentinel to keep the book. This leads to many personal attacks on BOS members from misinformed participants.
August 23 Periscope - "time" - Addison is on the run but confirms the meeting is for EVERYONE - and she will find a way to make it happen.
August 26 Periscope - "all distractions" - Addison insists the LA Time article and other things in the press AND the ensuing arguments surrounding her journal are all distractions. @reaton receives a phone call from Addison confirming that it's all a distraction, referencing specifically pages 59 and 60 of her journal.
August 27 @electrichippo has a video chat with Sentinel, who also confirms everything is a distraction.
August 29 Periscope - "Your Emails" - Addison has received threatening emails, and calls for a meeting of apostles for September 7. She hides an envelope in Culver City across from Trader Joes. @gabzilla is the first to retrieve it. @reaton and @mike receive phone calls from the OSDM.
August 30 @111error, @electrichippo, and @thebuz all receive calls from the OOA.
August 31 @ephorrorsociety receives a call from the OOA.

September 2016 Edit

September 4 Addison goes live on Facebook and says that it's all ok, she assures everyone that the One is near, the journal fights don't matter and all is well; she appears erratic, and people are concerned.
September 5 @111error and @reaton receive phone calls from Addison.
September 6 Periscope - "The One" - Addison announces the time of the meeting, 6pm on September 7. Everyone will be able to see, but only a few will attend. Anyone who wants to be there should leave their name in a thread on the forums.
September 7 Periscope - "The Selected Ones" - Addison announces that the selected ones will receive the address before the meeting. She gives the zip code. She seems paranoid.

Periscope - "The One" - FINAL LIVE EVENT - Attendees: @reaton, @mike, @electrichippo, @gabzilla, @thebuz, @rizzzoooooo, @monkeymuffin333, @kingkill33, @kasch, @mkarrett, @thegilded, @medeall, @nosnevets, @addisonborn, @endlesspictures, @tinnose, @puppetgirl, @nking, @daela

Addison addresses the group, tells them that THEY are all "The One." They remove their hoods and she introduces the new "Book of Anoch," asking them to sign its last page, and thanking everyone for what they've done. She invites them to stay for food and drink, and waiters come in with trays. Mingling ensues, Addison is seen talking with different participants, hugging them. @rizzzoooooo is seen giving Addison her journal and it gives her some pause but she continues to talk to others. Then @reaton approaches her, and he has the pink cat given to him by her father. He gives it to her, and walks away. She looks at it for a moment, she suddenly screams "what the fuck is this? you're all delusional!" The waiters drop their trays and run to her, dragging her away screaming. Participants run after to try to help her but are blocked. They are told to leave.

September 8 Periscope - "tHank you for EveRything" - an envelope is seen being hidden at Pilgrimage Bridge. @kingkill33 is the first to retrieve it. Inside is a photo showing Addison inside a warehouse, the OOA symbol in neon lights large over her head and an empty chair next to her. On the back is a note from "Tim" thanking everyone for their assistance in bringing her back where she belongs.
September 10 Periscope - "The Transformation" - Addison is seen being taken out of a dark, locked room, white dress from the final event covered in blood. She is walked down a hall to a shower and given a red dress. The door closes with her and a man inside the bathroom, water running.